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Photo Collage Letters

The photo collage letter is the most intricate of our products offered here at Letters by Linda. These pieces require creativity, precision as well as great attention to detail. Upon completion though each piece is truly one of a kind, and well worth the care.

Photo collage letter R
Photo collage letter K

Our photo collage letters are created by taking your chosen photographs and combining them on your preferred wood letter. These pieces offer great opportunities for artistic freedom by allowing for multiple possible arrangements. This ensures each piece is unique and comes together to represent you.

When you are ready to begin visit us online at our Etsy shop. There you can make your letter selection and place your order. We will then have you provide us with your 15-20 photographs, marking any priority ones,  along with any design references from which you’d like us to take inspiration.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry we’re here to help! Contact us and we would be happy to help guide you through the process, from photograph selections to the final collage arrangement.

The following are some details you will need to consider when ordering:

  1. Your letter selections and quantities

  2. Which photographs you want displayed in your piece
    (note: each letter requires approximately 10-20 photographs with most averaging about 15)

  3. Whether you would like hanging hardware added to your piece for an additional charge of $1.00

Photo collage letter B

Our Process

At the time of ordering you will need to make your letter selections and quantities and provide any additional notes that may apply to your order. Following your order submission, you will be contacted so that you can provide your selected photographs and any inspirational references. You will be asked to mark any mandatory photographs. In the instance not all your selected photographs are needed in the design, marked ones will be given priority. Orders of multiple letters will also be asked to upload photographs for each letter in a separate, labelled folder.


In the course of our process:


  • The quality of your provided photographs will be assessed to ensure your finished piece will be as sharp as possible. (Note: photographs that may require retouching or replacing will be discussed with you.)

  • Your photographs will be modified to a black and white tone and resized to ensure the best effect.

  • We will create several potential mock-up arrangements and send them to you for feedback.

  • Your preferred selection will be finalized and then prepared for shipping.

Orders can take up to 3 weeks to complete from the date of final design approval, and typically take between 1-7 days to ship. Shorter production and shipping time frames are not guaranteed and are dependant upon product availability and order workload. Once your order is completed you will be notified and provided confirmation of  shipment.

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